Omnibus Installer

Cinc Client, Auditor and Workstation can be programmatically installed using (Unix-like systems) or (Windows systems) as you would do for an omnibus install of Chef. You can find detailed instructions in the “getting started” section.

Download plain packages

You can find our packages here.

Package repositories

We don’t currently have repositories for standard package managers like yum or apt but we’re looking for design proposals.

EULA Compliance

The following board shows the versions after which the Cinc Project considers the product releases to be compliant with the Chef Policy on Trademarks.

For Chef’s position on 3rd party distribution trademark policy compliance, see this link

As a reminder, the software is provided as-is with no warranties as per section 7 of the Apache-2.0 license, under which both the source code and our distibution are licensed.

Please update to a compliant version as they become available.

Product EULA Compliance
Client (Linux) >= 15.6.10
Client (Windows / MacOS) >= 15.9.17
Auditor >= 4.17.7
Workstation >= 22.1.745
Server >= 14.14.1
Packager Not started
Dashboard Not started

Other distros

Chef Habitat™ replacements

Work hasn’t started yet, but we intend to release a Cinc Packager product in time. Take a look at the Biome project while we work on a release.